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Project Lead


Augmented Reality Network Observatory is a research project which investigated and created an eco-system for virtual environments to leverage global distributed cloud systems to perform scalability, data analytics, data processing, for digital real-time data interactions and understanding through digital twins.


This project proposed to build upon the big data science DMZ of the successful NSF-funded Pacific Research Platform (PRP) to develop a next-generation XR and distributed computing infrastructure at UC San Diego to enable advanced visualizations for science and engineering research and function as an open source, campus-wide, globally scalable metaverse-style XR test bed. This new Augmented Reality Network Observatory(ARNO) will develop new tools and methodologies, powered by Kubernetes supercomputer clusters and complete server-side graphics rendering and editing pipelines, to create and test a new generation of XR-based scientific visualization with exponentially higher fidelity that represents a wholly unique and novel use of game engine technology and game design perspective in support of science at scale. Much the same as advancements in wireless technology brought about by the Internet of Things, advancements in gaming technology are poised to create a new XR of Things through which science can benefit.

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Jon presented the ARNO teams research in 2022 Unreal Fest. 

This Project is open source for all to try. 

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