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InMemori I

An interactive installation that addressed questions of memory and memorial in the time of digital defaults. This exhibition mixed augmented reality themes with real world objects to ponder who and what we are. Our electronic self, is it just a dream or is it a memory? Where does the line blur and what happens to our information body in the future? Here in this space we will explore a memorial Jon has created to those he cared for and have recently passed. What the digital presence of memory of these individuals leave behind as vestiges of legacy.

InMemori II : AM on FM

AM on FM is Work about my friend who went missing in Mexico in 2013. By happenstance I wound up with the last known recording of her playing music. A ceremony of playing something out. All I knew of Oaxaca before going there was from my friend. As part of a group Exhibition Dusty Salva at the Centro de las Artes de San Agustín, in Oaxaca Mexico I made this work.

For part of the work I built a small pirate radio station that broadcasts my friends last song. In Mexico it is very common to use your cellphone to pickup FM stations. I utilized this to create my gesture. The imagery of the moth relates to the community we were both a part of in Oregon and the skeleton is a reference to some art she had given me. Because of the mystery of her absence I have decided to keep details of her identity closed. 

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